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Discover Rotten APPLE VR

Rotten Apple is a zombie shooter built from the ground up for VR arcades. VRilliant is not only a game development company, we also operate our own VR arcade and understand the needs of arcades and customers alike:

  • VR-Arcade exclusive:  the game is a free-roam experience (players walk around freely on 6x6m (20x20ft)), so with meta quests taking hold of living rooms, Rotten Apple is sure to generate revenue for arcades in the future.


  • Timed for one playsession: the whole experience from start to finish is closely timed, so you can expect the same game duration every time (35-45 min)


  • Game master control panel: your game masters can observe the players through their own screen and adapt the game to the players (e.g. decrease difficulty for beginners)


  • Date night vs Team-Event: the game is just as playable for two players as it  is for four players. And best of all: it automatically adjusts the difficulty to the amount of players


  • Something for all players: In diverse groups, not everyone is interested in shooting. That is why the game also offers puzzles and atmospheric/narrative moments.


  • Accessible for first-time VR users: the controls are designed with first-time VR users in mind. All that is left for your game masters is putting the VR headset on your players!


  • Recurring revenue: The game also has a more difficult mode where players can die and might not make it through the game in time. This leads to customers coming back or booking another session right on the spot


  • Continuous improvement: We will continue to improve rotten apple through new game modes, season specific themes and more. Stay tuned!